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News: Bombardier FTV4 Global 7000 Takes Off

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  1. Production Interior FTV4 Global 7000 Flies
    Canadian airframer announced today that they flew the fourth flight test vehicle in the Global 7000 program. This one is outfitted with a full production interior and also finish painted on the exterior. The aircraft took off from Bombardier’s facility in Toronto earlier today, under clear conditions. Of course, you can guess what this aircraft will be used for and test. In case you don't this should give you an idea.
  2. Equipped with a cabin interior, FTV4, also known as the “Architect,” will be used for interior validation testing and to confirm the unparalleled comfort, connectivity and productivity that Bombardier customers will experience. FTV3 took to the skies around May this year and FTV1 first flew towards the end of 2016. The Global 7000 program is expected to be certified by the first half of 2018.

    For more information:

    Bombardier Aerospace
    400 Côte-Vertu Road
    West Dorval, Quebec H45 1Y9

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