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News: Bombardier Global 7000 Range Increases To 7,700NM

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  1. Bombardier Extends Global 7000 Range To 7,700 Nautical Miles
    The Global 7000 long range, large cabin jet has been given a boost in range as was announced at the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) last month. The Global 7000's range was bumped up by 300 nautical miles to 7,000 nautical miles overall. Now while this is great news and it is good for this particular model but bare in mind Bombardier still has the Global 8000 in development even though we have not heard much about the 8000 in a while.
  2. The Global 7000's range increase is significant because it could potentially erase the need for the Global 8000. The 8000's maximum range was originally set at 7,900 nautical miles to which with the boost in endurance to the Global 7000, comes just shy of 200NM closer to matching the 8000 model. That in itself could be an issue in terms of unintentional cannibalism of orders for Bombardier's 8000. Gulfstream also now has taken a backseat as they have ruled the long-range market with their 7,500 nautical mile G650ER. It will be interesting to see how they respond. Bombardier has been insistent that the 8000 isn't dead and that they are simply focusing their energies on completing the development of the 7000 and seeing it through to entry-into-service (EIS). Thereafter more information will be available on the Global 8000.

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