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News: Bombardier Global 7500 Longest Business Jet Flight In The World

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  1. Longest Business Jet Flight Completed By Bombardier Global 7500
    The folks over at Bombardier are happy with the Global 7500's performance as it settles into the mainstream of executive jet service after initial entry into service late last year. A Global 7500 jet has officially flown the longest business jet flight in history. The aircraft flew a total distance of 8,125 nautical miles which even exceeded its own range (of 7,700 nautical miles) on paper. The award-winning business jet departed from Singapore Changi Airport at 7:12 a.m. local time and arrived at Tucson International Airport at 8:19 a.m. local time, completing the long-range speed record flight for the city-pair.
  2. "The Global 7500 aircraft was built to break all the records," said David Coleal, President, Bombardier Business Aircraft. "It achieved the industry’s longest mission ever in business aviation after only two months in service. We’ve demonstrated its unequaled long-range and high speed capabilities, but also its ability to break records confidently with healthy fuel reserves remaining, once again, confirming its unsurpassed performance to customers." After flying the 8,125 nautical miles the aircraft landed with 4,300 lbs of fuel left. Will other competitors in the large-cabin ultra long-range race answer Bombardier's call?

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