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News: Bombardier Set Up At 2018 MEBAA

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  1. Bombardier Prepares To Swoon At MEBAA 2018
    The 2018 Middle East (North Africa) Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) is about to open to the public tomorrow (December 10th) and Canadian executive jet airframer Bombardier is present at the show. They will try their best to swoon well-heeled Middle Eastern public the advantages and luxury components to their new Global 7500 (formerly Global 7000). They won't have a real aircraft at the show but their life-size mockup is there on display. It is a replica of the real deal so it will give customer an accurate representation of the Global 7500 product.
  2. Bombardier is on display at (Chalet A6; Static P7). The Global 7500 is the new model name to the jet that was called the Global 7000 for most of its developmental life. The jet exceeded expectations with its endurance and performance that the range was bumped-up by approximately 400 nautical miles over the initial estimate. This prompted the airframer to change the name to the 7500 to better reflect the capability of the aircraft. The Global 7500 is now able to fly up to 7,700 nautical miles nonstop.

    For more information:

    Bombardier Aerospace
    400 Côte-Vertu Road
    West Dorval, Quebec H45 1Y9

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