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News: Bombardier Ships 7th Global For GlobalEye Enhancement

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  1. GlobalEye Program Continues With Latest Delivery
    The latest (seventh) Bombardier Global-based jet has been delivered to Saab for its conversion into the renowned GlobalEye airborne platform. The newest aircraft is now ready to be transformed into Saab’s Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) solution which we know as GlobalEye. Saab’s GlobalEye incorporates some essential attributes of the Global business jet including over 11 hours of operational endurance, state-of-the-art avionics, and class-leading maintenance intervals. Paired with ample cabin space for workstations and mission equipment for ideal crew conditions, the Global aircraft is perfectly suited for situational awareness missions of large areas.
  2. "More and more countries are preparing for the future by choosing modern, more efficient business jets as strategic assets for their military fleet," said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice-President, Aircraft Sales and Bombardier Defense. "With the rapid progression of technologies, there is a growing realization that business jets, such as our Global aircraft, can seamlessly integrate the equipment and capabilities that were traditionally carried by commercial aircraft."
  3. The latest Global-based aircraft is expected to be eventually delivered to the Swedish Air Force. In addition to offering lower operating costs than commercial aircraft, Global business jets have takeoff and landing capabilities that allow them to fly in and out of more strategic locations. The agility granted by the steep approach certification and the advanced wing design of the Global aircraft is an advantageous feature to airborne surveillance platforms, designed for long-range air, maritime and ground surveillance. Sweden however, is not the only customer for this AEW&C Program. The UAE has taken delivery of examples of the aircraft and the Hellenic Airforce is looking into the program. There were others that pulled out of acquisition of the aircraft as well such as NATO and the Finnish Air Force.

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Thread Status:
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