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News: BOOM Supersonic Missed 2023 First Flight Goal

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  1. BOOM Supersonic Misses 2023 First Flight Goal
    BOOM Supersonic was advancing towards the first flight of their XB-1 demonstrator... and they still are. The end of 2023 did not go according to plan and the company felt the need to bolster the safety aspects of the demonstrator aircraft before fully proceeding with the first flight. Those safety upgrades are being done to the landing gear, dampening as well as engine intakes. The final round of high-speed taxi tests still have to be concluded before being cleared for the first flight.
  2. Once this happens it is expected that the XB-1 demonstrator will take to the skies for the first time. This should be in early 2024. The first flight is scheduled to take place at the Mojave Air & Space Port...which is a significant location in American aviation. BOOM supersonic expects to conduct up to 20 flights after the first flight working up to supersonic speed.
  3. Ground testing already started in December 2023 and was at the time reported to be 30% complete. 2024 has just dawned and therefore progress should be a bit further along. The aforementioned safety enhancements that resulted in the delay of the first flight included the landing gear making them more beefy for increased reliability. The engine intakes were optimized for increased resistance against engine stalling and the third regarded dampeners, not for sound but for enhanced control and stability.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.