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News: BOOM Supersonic To Complete Superfactory In 2024

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  1. Superfactory For BOOM Supersonic Nears Completion
    BOOM Supersonic is currently the only viable entity going through the full motion of processes to enable the re-introduction of supersonic commercial flight. Yes, there are other companies like Hermeus and NASA working on hypersonic vehicles likely with a military slant than commercial. The BOOM Overture has been a long time coming but it is gaining meaningful progress on multiple fronts. The first flight of the flight test demonstrator XB-1 was supposed to have happened in late 2023 but BOOM missed that deadline. Instead the first flight took place in March 2024. Along with actual flight testing, the company has been building out a superfactory that will serve as the future production facilities.
  2. The superfactory is located at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina started build at the start of 2023 and is now presently wrapping-up construction. Without production and assembly facilities ready and available the company would be stuck after certification testing. The entire campus is still to be built-out but the final-assembly hall is more-or-less completed. The final-assembly hall encompasses 150,000 square feet with 24,000 square feet of office space.
  3. "The first assembly line here at the Superfactory campus is designed to produce up to 33 aircraft per year. We have plans on this campus for a second assembly line, which will allow us to double production to a rate of 66 aircraft per year. Construction as we sit here today is well underway. It’s on track to be complete in the middle of next year," said Blake Scholl, Boom founder and CEO, at the Paris Air Show press conference. The short-term future of BOOM supersonic appears to be secure. At least they have carved a path that has placed them in a good position to see the entire process through to the end result. The previous commercial supersonic contender AS2 by Aerion went out of business in 2021.

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Thread Status:
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