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News: Bye Aerospace Completes Critical Design Phase of e-Flyer

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  1. Bye Aerospace Completes Critical Design Phase; 330 e-Flyer Units Reserved
    Earlier this month Bye Aerospace announced that it completed the Critical Design Phase for the e-Flyer all-electric aircraft. This essentially locks in the final design for the aircraft as what will be represented as the production model. A critical design review ('CDR') is a multi-disciplined technical review to ensure that each eFlyer 2 primary system can proceed into fabrication, demonstration and test. "I’m grateful to our remarkable team of engineers, designated engineering representatives, our development partners and suppliers for their support in the engineering progress of eFlyer 2," said George E. Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace. "This important upcoming aviation industry milestone is a reflection of the team’s incredible dedication and hard work."
  2. Additionally, the e-Flyer program has reached 330 units purchased so far. Initially the e-Flyer 2 is targeting the flight-training market. Bye said the benefits of electric aviation, including significantly lower operating costs, zero emissions and decreased noise, will continue to provide momentum for the industry’s future. "My sincere thanks to our customers for their commitment to the future of electric aviation beyond the near-term impact of these uncertain times," Bye said. "We continue to look to a bright future ahead."

    For more information:

    BYE Aerospace
    7395 S. Peoria Street Suite 206 (BoxC3)
    Englewood, CO. 80112

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.