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News: Bye Aerospace Selects Parachute System For eFlyer 2

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  1. eFlyer 2 Parachute System Selected By Bye Aerospace
    Bye Aerospace, the manufacturer behind the eFlyer family of electric aircraft has selected the Emergency Parachute System that will be fitted onboard the eFlyer 2. They have chosen Aviation Safety Resources Inc (ASR) to design and develop a next-generation parachute system for the aforementioned aircraft. Under the terms of the agreement, ASR will design, prototype, test and deliver a recovery system specifically for the eFlyer 2, according to George E. Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace. "We continue to push forward on our FAA certification program with efficiency and urgency, remaining focused on safety as our highest priority".
  2. Bye Aerospace's current and future families of aircraft feature exemplary engineering, research, and electric aircraft solutions producing no CO2. The advantages of all-electric aircraft include; five-fold lower operating costs, zero emissions, and decreased noise. Bye Aerospace estimates the eFlyer will eliminate the release of millions of metric tons of CO2 each year for pilot training. New light category aircraft are increasingly being designed with a parachute system as the last resort to engine failure and Bye Aerospace has gone in that direction for the eFlyer 2.

    For more information:

    BYE Aerospace
    7395 S. Peoria Street Suite 206 (BoxC3)
    Englewood, CO. 80112

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.