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News: Cessna Deliveries Rise In First Quarter 2019

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  1. First Quarter 2019 Deliveries Rises For Cessna Aircraft
    Textron Aviation company Cessna Aircraft has seen rising deliveries for the first quarter of 2019. The good performance was backed by deliveries of 44 Citation jet aircraft for the quarter period ended March 31st. This is up significantly over the previous period in 2018 which yielded 36 deliveries jet aircraft. Textron Aviation is working hard on trying to get the long-awaited Super midsize Citation Longitude model to market. The aircraft was originally penned for Entry Into Service (EIS) in 2017. It is now into the second quarter of 2019 and the Longitude is yet to come to market.
  2. Even the turboprop deliveries are up over the same period last year. The turboprop deliveries also totaled 44 for the first quarter. Even the revenue and profit overall for the quarter climbed markedly. The profit stood at 106 million off of 1.1 billion of revenue. As Textron Aviation tries hard to get the Citation Longitude to market by the third quarter. It appears Textron did not anticipate the extra paperwork associated with this jet as well as the ongoing fuel tank flammability issues.

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