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News: Cessna Denali Update

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  1. Cessna Denali Development Progress
    Perhaps the last time we wrote on the progress of the Cessna Denali, the program was going relatively smoothly. However, this update sees the first flight of the Cessna Denali delayed because of some hiccups at GE Aviation which is the company responsible for manufacturing the powerplant for the Denali. GE Aviation is making the 1,240 shp Catalyst engine for the Single Engine Turbo Prop.
  2. As many as ten Catalyst engines have been made so far to support development and certification. One of the engines has been attached to a King Air 350 which will serve as a testbed for real-world test data. Three ground-based articles and three flight test articles will make up the Denali certification program at this point. Below we see one of the Catalyst engines installed on a King Air 350. The first flight date for the Denali is still not known at this stage as the company appears a bit shy to commit to a first-flight timeline. Regardless, the powerplants are getting a workout with over 2,000 test hours being logged for the combined test engines. The first flight of the Cessna Denali was originally expected towards the end of 2019. New York to Miami or even LA to Chicago are with in the expected range of the Denali.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.