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News: Citation Jet Main Landing Gear Repair By Textron Aviation

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  1. Textron Aviation To Provide Main Landing Gear Repair Services
    Why totally replace when you can repair? This appears to be the concept behind what Textron Aviation is aiming to do on their Citation Jet line with respect to Main Landing Gear (MLG). "The desire to have the option to repair instead of replacing CJ landing gear is something we’ve been hearing from our customers, so we are excited about this solution in response to their feedback," said Textron Aviation senior v-p of customer support Brian Rohloff. The proposal is that while your MLG is under repair, "we are providing them with a rental asset while we repair their gear", Rohloff continued.
  2. This MLG endeavour is currently in the latter stages of certification. "The lessons we have learned from this project will pave the way for future innovations," said Textron Aviation senior v-p of parts and programs Kriya Shortt. A CJ3 has been used to perform rigourous testing so far which involved up to five lifetimes, or 75,000 landings, of the MLG’s life limit. The idea is to reduce the amount of down-time for customers as significant damage to the gear is a time-consuming repair. It should be noted the repair work will be carried out in conjunction with Able Aerospace Services Inc., which the company acquired in 2016.

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Thread Status:
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