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News: Citation Latitude New Winglet

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  1. New Composite Winglet For Citation Latitude
    The Citation Latitude could be in line for a new winglet upgrade if company Winglet Tech gets their way. The company already is making winglets for the Citation Sovereign and they want to expand this offering to the Latitude. Winglet Tech is contending the Sovereign and Latitude have similar wings and type certifications so the Latitude is a natural choice for the new winglet.
  2. Winglet Tech is suggesting that the new winglets would offer the Latitude performance advantages especially at cruising altitude with 2,000 feet in altitude gain once the temperature and weight considerations are the same. The winglets which are made from composites are interchangeable and do not require drilling or fitting. The company is preparing to submit an adjusted STC to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If successful, the potential market is sizable with more than 300 Latitudes delivered already. Of the 350 Sovereigns delivered it appears the company has fitted their winglets on 36 examples since receiving the STC in 2017. A move into the Latitude market could net the company more installations.

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Thread Status:
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