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News: Comlux Receives 3rd ACJ TwoTwenty

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  1. 3rd ACJ TwoTwenty Arrives At Comlux For Completion
    The executive jet race is a big-ticket business and for completions centers like Comlux who specialize in taking a clean-sheet interior and finishing them to a clients' expectations it is equally busy. In the case of the ACJ TwoTwenty, this is one of the newest offerings from ACJ that can be transformed into a business jet. Comlux recently received the 3rd ACJ TwoTwenty and will get to work to fitout the interior and exterior to the customers exacting requirements.
  2. In the commercial world, Airbus pushes the delivery rate of their jets because demand is so high. With the executive jet version of these jets, like the ACJ TwoTwenty (commercial version is the A220), it is such a bespoke process that they cannot complete to the finished product at the same pace a commercial airliner is completed. Despite this though Comlux is looking to up the number of completions. Arnaud Martin, CEO of Comlux 2Twenty said: "After the first delivered ACJ TwoTwenty from our completion center in Indianapolis earlier this year, we are starting the ramp-up in our production to satisfy the customer demand for this fantastic product. We target between four and six ACJ TwoTwenties in the coming years from Comlux Completion in Indianapolis." Below is a look at the first ACJ TwoTwenty.
  3. Looking ahead, Comlux Completion is excited to continue its collaboration with Airbus, with the fourth ACJ TwoTwenty already in progress and set for delivery in the near future. This upcoming delivery reinforces Comlux's position as a trusted partner in the aviation industry, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and setting new standards in private jet travel.

    For more information:

    Comlux America LLC
    2910 S High School Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46241

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.