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News: Crystal Skye: A Glimpse Into Your Private BBJ777

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  1. Crystal Skye: A Glimpse Into Your Private BBJ777
    Ever wondered how the other-half live and travel? Sure they charter and own smaller personal executive jets that whisk them around the globe at their whim but you can do the same on an airliner-size aircraft...if you can afford it! Meet Crystal Skye, Crystal AirCruises totally custom VIP Boeing Business Jet based on the Boeing 77L (Boeing 777-200LR). Crystal Skye came into being after this jet had its interior converted in 2016 by Greenpoint in Washington into an ultra-luxe outfit you see below.
  2. Crystal Skye is owned by Crystal Cruises -you might know the cruise line- and operated by Comlux Aviation for them. If you want to fly this uber-swank private jet you will have to fork-out in the region of 50,000 dollars per hour. Imagine flying city-pairs that stretch to the periphery of the aircraft's operational capability, i.e: flight for 19 hours, that could easily set you back nearly a million dollars for that flight. Once you can afford Crystal Skye all of your needs are taken care of in a serene posh setting.
  3. Once ready to eat, you can make your way to the dining room, yes the dining room. The space was created to host passengers around four dining tables each with a capacity to seat six. A distinctive swirl-pattern carpet was installed throughout the guest spaces reminding you of where you are, with the emerald colours purposely used representing Crystal's vibe.
  4. In the passenger cabin you will find 88 seats that are more reminiscent of business class on any good airline's aircraft. The seats are all berthable/lie-flat and are arranged in a 2-2-2 configuration. The throw cushions again echo Crystal's emerald and the company's logo is printed and emblazoned on all the amenity goodies you will get at your seat. The back of each seat has its own 24-inch screen for IFE (in-flight entertainment) with the usual movies but also access to live channels such as news stations. One thing you may notice is how spacious the interior is particularly compared to other Boeing 777-200LRs. Crystal took out the center-line overhead luggage bins!
  5. Feeling for a strong libation? There is a bar, a full bar in the cabin stocked with you favourite bottles. In-fact, the aircraft can store 200 or more bottles which can easily satisfy the privileged few onboard. While there are no bar-stools at this bar, two sofas are fixed to either side of the cabin and lined with comfortable throws.
  6. After your liquor-binge by the bar the lavatory will be calling your name pretty loudly. Crystal Skye has several lavatories for guests to use and they aren't exactly huge but very well appointed, not what you will see on the regular airlines. Marble-lined counters, and silver-leaf sinks are some of the up-market finishes in the lavs!
  7. To take care of a typical fully booked flight the Crystal Skye needs upwards of 20-plus crew, pilots, flight attendants, galley staff, a Crystal Cruises manager, engineers, their own ground staff, a chef to create bespoke meals and a mixologist to man that bar we spoke about before. Crystal Skye is a Boeing 777-200LR and is the 777 with the longest range.

    For more information:

    Comlux America LLC
    2910 S High School Road
    Indianapolis, IN 46241

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