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News: Daher Socata Produces 1,000th TBM Turboprop

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  1. 1,000th TBM Turboprop Produced By Daher Socata
    Another milestone has been made by Daher Socata with the 1000th production of a TBM aircraft. The milestone aircraft is a TBM 940 model delivering to a private U.S pilot who also does volunteer flying for Mercy Flights Southeast, Angel Flights Northeast, and Patient Airlift Services -all charity-type organizations-. Just a look back for perspective, the TBM line was started in 1990 with the TBM 700. The latest roll-out is a TBM 940 and should be delivered to the owner soon.
  2. Daher carried a live event online on Monday to commemorate the 1,000th TBM. James Hislop is the owner of the landmark TBM and he explained his preferences for the aircraft type. "The TBM 940 topped the list in areas of speed, range, and payload, while also incorporating all of the safety features," explained Hislop, adding he had looked at many aircraft in its class before making his purchase. "It is built more to a commercial-grade compared to general aviation standards."

    For more information:

    SOCATA North America, Inc.
    North Perry Airport, 7501 South Airport Rd.
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33023 / USA

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.