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News: Daher Socata Unveils TBM930

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  1. New TBM930 Unveiled By Daher Socata
    Daher Socata has unveiled a new fast turboprop model. It is called the TBM930 and it is a step above the current TBM900 model which is doing so well. The new aircraft was unveiled to the public on April 5th during a customer event at the company's French headquarters in Tarbes. It is nice to have a new model but when it is based on the TBM900 and is an enhanced version of it, we can bet its going to take away market share from the TBM900. This is something Daher is acutely aware of and was echoed by their director of TBM sales, Philippe de Segovia. He said, "there are plenty of customers who are happy with the TBM 900 and who won’t want to pay the extra money for the latest aircraft.”
  2. The new aircraft features the Garmin G3000 full touchscreen suite. TBM 930 gets there faster, with speeds of 330 kts./380 mph. This is the latest version of the world’s fastest certified single-engine turboprop. New GTC 580 incorporates streamlined menu structures to remove visual clutter and eliminate mechanical knobs, buttons and selector switches. The TBM930 has a maximum range of 1,730 nautical miles and can carry a maximum of six persons with 1,400 lbs payload.

    For more information:

    SOCATA North America, Inc.
    North Perry Airport, 7501 South Airport Rd.
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33023 / USA

Thread Status:
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