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News: Daher To Bring Hybrid-Electric By 2027

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  1. Hybrid-Electric Aircraft From Daher By 2027
    Daher is looking to bring a hybrid-electric aircraft to market by 2027. If all goes according to plan, the aircraft will be based on the TBM 940. Remember, Daher is actually working on the EcoPulse demonstrator project in concert with Airbus and Safran which is utilizing a TBM 940 hull as the testbed. The data and knowledge gained from this project will inform the platform for the new Daher airplane.
  2. The airframer is serious about bringing the new plane to market as they are commencing conceptual design for the aircraft later this year. At 2023 edition of the Sun 'N' Fun senior v-p of Daher Nicolas Chabbert talked about the premise for the new project and at this year's show -currently ongoing April 9th to 14th- he outlined more about the project.
  3. In fact the testbed EcoPulse which has the regular turboprop nose-mounted engine and prop coupled by 6 turbo-generators on the wings has flown as many as 14 'electric' flights with those 50 kilowatt systems. All this since commencing those flights in November 2023. This program is running relatively smoothly with the next set of tests to be focused on noise generation. They will then open-up the full flight envelope for the aircraft and later fully test the hybrid-electric system.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.