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News: Dassault Cancels Falcon 5X Program

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  1. Falcon 5X Program Cancelled By Dassault Falcon
    The powerplants chosen to power the Dassault Falcon 5X executive jet are at the center of why Dassault executive made the decision to cancel the program. Multiple issues relating to the Safran Silvercrest engines resulted in delays to the program and the most recent publicly released issue was revealed in October 2017. The original delivery of compliant Silvercrest engines were supposed to happen in 2013 to meet Dassault Falcon's planned testing program. Major technical issues started to occur in 2015, 2016 and now 2017 and led to many revisions to the test program schedule and naturally the push-back on service entry of the model.
  2. Dassault is in the process of terminating the Silvercrest contract which naturally will lead to the cancellation of the Falcon 5X project. The aircraft model was scheduled to enter service at the end of 2017 but recurrent delays with the Safran Silvercrest engines pushed that timeline to 2022. It also led to multiple customer cancellations with 12 units being lost in 2016. “There is still a strong market need for a brand new long range aircraft with a very large cabin - Eric Trappier explained - so I have decided to launch a new Falcon project powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, featuring the same cross section as the Falcon 5X, a range of 5,500 Nm, and scheduled to enter into service in 2022.”

    For more information:

    Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
    Teterboro Airport
    200 Riser Road
    Little Ferry, NJ 07643


Thread Status:
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