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News: Dassault Falcon 6X Wins Prestigious Award For Its Interior

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  1. Falcon 6X Interior Wins Another Prestigious Award
    The Dassault Falcon 6X, the latest business jet from the French airframer has taken off in reality but the aircraft model is in the news again for a different reason...the interior. The Falcon 6X has won another prestigious award for its interior. This time it is the Red Dot: Best of the Best award for its premium cabin design. What is the Red Dot? To the layman when you think of a red dot it is usually a sale at a store or a supermarket. For Dassault this award, which is their second in relation to the Falcon 6X interior, puts them in the league of Audi, Apple and Porsche who have won this award in the past.
  2. The Red Dot organization noted that this year it received an unprecedented number of nominations from more than 60 countries for the award, which rewards trailblazing work in product design. In September 2020, the 6X won the International Yacht & Aviation Award sponsored by design et al, the prominent UK design magazine published by The Design Society. Looking forward to the future, the Falcon 6X is still on track for service entry in 2022. The first flight test article began testing on March 10th, 2021 and since that first flight have flown more than 50 flight hours in the air as well as open the flight envelope all the way to the aircraft’s maximum operating speed of 0.90 Mach. "For its brief time in the air, the aircraft has demonstrated excellent handling in multiple flight scenarios and shown unusual maturity in systems function," remarked flight test pilot Bruno Ferry. You can expect the second test bird to be in the air a month from now while the third, will be outfitted with a full production interior, before the Summer.

    For more information:

    Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
    Teterboro Airport
    200 Riser Road
    Little Ferry, NJ 07643

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.