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News: Dassault Freezes Final Design Of Falcon 6X

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  1. Final Falcon 6X Design Frozen By Dassault
    French airframer Dassault Falcon said it has frozen the final design of the new Falcon 6X aircraft. This means the design we have now will be what we see that goes into production. In fact, major parts for the first aircraft already have started to be manufactured and assembled. The first flight for the Falcon 6X is penned for early next year (2020). "Our design teams and partners have done an excellent job so far," said Eric Trappier, Chairman & CEO of Dassault Aviation. "Completing the design review this month and releasing the aircraft to the manufacturing process is a significant milestone. It demonstrates our confidence in the airframe and engine design as well as in the collaborative process we have put in place with our global partners."
  2. Engine tests and trials for the Pratt & Whitney Canada Pure®Power PW812D 13,000-14,000 lbs thrust engine are well advanced. Nearly 1000 hours of run time have accumulated at the Pratt test bench in Montréal utilizing 5 specimens of the developmental articles. The Falcon 6X will offer customers a maximum range of around 5,500 nautical miles with these powerplants.

    For more information:

    Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
    Teterboro Airport
    200 Riser Road
    Little Ferry, NJ 07643

Thread Status:
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