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News: Dassault Sets Date On Roll-Out Of First Falcon 6X

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  1. First Falcon 6X To Roll Out In December
    Dassault Falcon has been working away on their next executive jet, the Falcon 6X. It is now known that the first specimen will roll-out on December 8th this year from its Bordeaux-Merignac, France facility. Once this happens, the first flight of the 6X is penned for 2021 which allows for a year of testing hopefully leading to certification and deliveries in 2022. The initial roll out is a major milestone for the progression of any new type that will eventually enter service. The 6X has been long anticipated by the industry for years now. Originally the 6X was the 5X but due to engine issues in development the airframer scrapped that program and relaunched it as the 6X.
  2. The second and third flight test aircraft are also in finally assembly. Interestingly, flight test aircraft number three is said that it will be fitted with a full interior. With other manufacturers, the last flight test aircraft is fitted with a production interior. Either way, Dassault suggests that the current shape of the 6X program is on schedule even as it relates to the powerplants that are powering this new aircraft, the Pratt & Whitney PW812Ds. At present, ground related testing is still ongoing with the 6X, testing everything from fuel systems, ground fatigue, damage resistance testing and hydraulic and electrical work.

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    Teterboro Airport
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.