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News: Deliveries Finally Commence For G700

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  1. First Deliveries For Long-Awaited G700 Commence
    American airframer Gulfstream has said it has delivered the first two G700 units to their respective customers. This comes after Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification was granted to Gulfstream in relation to the G700 on March 29th. They also subsequently received production certification and cabin interior approvals on April 8, 2024. This moment has been a long time in the works as the G700 first deliveries have been delayed hampered by extra rigourous processes of the FAA since the Boeing MAX issues.
  2. 2024 delivery numbers will look good for Gulfstream as the G700 will feature very heavily in them as the airframer tries to deliver a backlog of late G700s to initial customers. In fact, the airframer is looking to deliver 50 to 52 G700s in 2024. Everything else remaining equal regarding delivery timelines for the other Gulfstream models the forecast is for 160 jets to be shipped this year. The super midsize G280 will be hampered though as a result of the current conflict in Israel. Gulfstream's G280s are manufactured at IAI in Tel Aviv.
  3. It is unclear who those customers are that received the first aircraft but Qatar Executive did hint on their social media they are introducing the world's first G700. With a base list price of 75 million dollars the G700 is not reasonable to acquire yet, there are and will continue to be customers waiting in line to snatch-up Gulfstream's latest -in service- offering.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.