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News: EcoPulse™ Reaches Key Development Milestone

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  1. Key Development Milestone Achieved By EcoPulse™
    The latest project collaboration between multiple interests has reached a key developmental milestone. Of course we are talking about the EcoPulse™ which is under development by trio, Airbus, Safran and Daher mainly but with support from France’s CORAC civil aviation research council. The base aircraft being utilized is a TBM model from Daher. The key development milestone is that the trio successfully passed its Preliminary Design Review for the EcoPulse™.
  2. With the Preliminary Design Review’s successful completion it now allows the Daher company to commence the demonstrator’s assembly phase at its Tarbes, France site, where the initial components were designed and delivered. The start of final assembly is planned for late 2021, with the first flight scheduled to take place in 2022. Pascal Laguerre, Daher’s Chief Technology Officer, explained: "With this demonstrator, Daher intends to develop the key architectural principles for future hybrid aircraft. The project reaffirms our commitment, as a general aviation manufacturer with our Kodiak & TBM product lines, to more efficient and eco-responsible aviation. This is reflected by our company’s active participation in numerous ambitious collaborative research projects aimed at decarbonizing air traffic." This is not the first time that Airbus has worked with Daher. A while back you may remember the two worked on a project called the E-Fan.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.