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News: EHang Gearing Up For Future Production Of EHang 216; 116

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  1. EHang Gearing Up For Future Production Of EHang 216; 116
    EHang is a electric aircraft developer utilizing the AAV (Autonomous Aerial Vehicle) designation. The company is looking to build two models, the EHang 216 and the EHang 116, the former is a two-seater while the latter is a one-seater vehicle. Today, the company announced that it has selected the site of its production of the aircraft. EHang selected the city of Yunfu which is in the Guangdong Province. The city government at the local level is said to be investing 6 million dollars into the build of the production factory. The factory will be built to enable a capacity of 600 eVTOLs per year.
  2. The site won't just be home to the production factory but will have room for a developmental center, technical and operational center for training. In Canada, Quebec to be specific, Transport Canada has given EHang a special flight operations certificate to allow them to test the EHang 216 there. It would not be the first time the company was given special permission to be able to conduct flight trails in different countries. The United States, China and even Norway previously granted them permission for demonstration type flights. As for the future of this AAV endeavour there is no real clear timeline when this for certification and then availability to the public.

    For more information:

    Building C, Yixiang Technology Park,
    No.72 Nanxiang Second Road,
    Huangpu District, Guangzhou,
    510700, China

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.