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News: Embraer Enjoys Q3 Hike In Executive Jet Deliveries

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  1. Large Business Jet Deliveries Up In The Q3 For Embraer
    Brazilian executive jet airframer Embraer has seen a bit of a spike in their large cabin jet deliveries for the Third Quarter (Q3). Bare in mind the hike is respective to their larger cabin offerings suggesting that it has been a 33-percent increase. The Legacy Line particularly the new 450 and 500 have been doing quite well to date. For a long time deliveries have been on the back of the Phenom Light Jet line. Let's look at the numbers for closer analysis.
  2. For the three months that comprised the Third Quarter (ending September 30th), 25 executive jets were shipped to various customers around the world. 13 Light Phenom line aircraft were delivered broken down into 12 Phenom 300s and 1 Phenom 100E. The rest were for the larger cabin aircraft including 2 Legacy 650s, 6 Legacy 450s and 4 Legacy 500s. Comparing this to the Third Quarter of 2015, 30 executive jets were delivered then clearly showing a deficit of 5 aircraft. Overall for the first 9 months of 2016 deliveries stood at 74 -one unit more than the first 9 months of 2015-.

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