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News: Epic Aircraft Production Certificate For E1000 Granted By FAA

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  1. FAA Greenlights Production Certificate For E1000 By Epic
    Although a couple of Epic E1000 have been delivered so far, the company Epic Aircraft has to ramp-up production in order to get up to speed with delivery of backlog of orders. The FAA recently granted the airframer production certificate (PC) for the E1000 which will allow them to step up the pace of production. It also allows flight testing and issuance of airworthiness certificates with a reduced FAA presence. The E1000 is a carbon fiber six-seat turboprop.
  2. "Achieving FAA production certificate is a tremendous milestone," said Doug King, Epic CEO. "It is a rigorous process involving the approval of a vast number of documents, processes, and systems, with composites adding additional complexity. We applaud the FAA for their rapid adoption of these new tools and technologies in the face of this pandemic, allowing us to keep the PC process moving forward and ultimately achieving final approvals." May saw the delivery of two airplanes and since then another was shipped.

    For more information:

    Epic Aircraft
    22590 Nelson Road,
    Bend OR 97701

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.