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News: Epic Nears Threshold Of E1000 Certification

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  1. Epic Aircraft E1000 Moves Closer To Certification
    Yesterday Epic Aircraft updated the public about the latest relating to their E1000. Things have been quiet while the testing of the conforming test aircraft move along. They are elated to say that structural testing of the composite aircraft has been successfully concluded and Type Certification (TC) is on course for fourth Q4) quarter of this year. Ahead of that though the company expects to receive Type Inspection Authorization (TIA) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before the end of this month.
  2. The TIA is an important precursor to Type Certification from the FAA. "The structural test phase of our program took longer than anticipated," said Epic CEO, Doug King. "That’s because our all carbon fiber design must conform to FAA -mandated structural strength requirements that are much higher than those imposed on metal aircraft." Once Type Certification is in hand later this year, initial customer deliveries will happen in early 2019.

    For more information:

    Epic Aircraft
    22590 Nelson Road,
    Bend OR 97701

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