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News: Eviation ALICE Concludes Low-Speed Taxi Tests

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  1. Low-Speed Taxi Tests Completed By Eviation ALICE
    A key part to the development of any aircraft program is the completion of Taxi trials. The Eviation ALICE all-electric aircraft has now concluded its low-speed taxi testing at the Arlington Municipal Airport (KAWO). With the taxi-tests done it also signals the first flight is just around the corner which is carded for Summer. The low-speed taxi-testing finished up in early May. Eviation has been suggesting that the first flight will be soon but no definitive date has been given, just a Summer time-period.
  2. ALICE reached a maximum speed of 86-knots during the tests. The next hurdle will be to conduct high-speed taxi tests but Eviation won't conduct this until they have an experimental permit to fly. The all-electric aircraft is powered by a pair of magniX650 electric motors. The aircraft would come to market in two variations, one for the cargo market and the other for passenger service. The company is touting a 440 mile range on a single charge with a max cruising speed of 250-knots.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.