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News: Eviation Alice Suffered A Fire

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  1. All-Electric Eviation Alice Suffers A Fire
    It is unclear the extent of the damage to the first Eviation Alice all-electric prototype aircraft due to a ground based fire. It appears that the fire broke out during ground testing at the Prescott Regional Airport in Arizona. The fire is said to have been caused by a fault with a ground based battery system that happened on January 22nd.
  2. Firefighters on standby during the test reportedly extinguished the flames "quickly" and there were no injuries. The aircraft is also said to be 'in tact' even though it was damaged. Initial indications are that this aircraft once available to the public to purchase will deliver with slightly more than a 1,000KM (650 miles) range and 45 minutes of reserved energy. It will seat nine passengers as well and serve as a quasi-regional all-electric aircraft. Three motors by Magnix will power the aircraft and calculated speeds close to 280mph are expected. The first prototype was only shipped to the U.S in the latter part of 2019. Two more prototypes are expected to be shipped to the U.S later this year.

    For more information:

    Eviation Aircraft
    6418 Maccurdy Dr.
    Prescott AZ U.S.A 86301

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.