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News: Executive Jet Deliveries To Ramp-Up In 2024

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  1. 2024 To Be Encouraging For Some Airframers
    2024 will be a year where large-cabin executive jet deliveries climb. This is simply because the Dassault Falcon 6X and the Gulfstream G700 are expected to be squarely in service. Both the Falcon 6X and the Gulfstream G700 faced delayed certification and in the case of the G700 that has pushed entry-into-service (EIS) into 2024. EIS was expected to be towards the end of 2023 for the G700. That has pushed a bunch of customer units into 2024.
  2. It is not known the exact figure but it is between 15 and 20 units of the G700 that were pushed over into 2024. However, this will make the deliveries side of the business look much healthier in 2024 with executive jet deliveries expected to rise from 114 in 2023 to 155 in 2024. Gulfstream is busy with the assembly and manufacture of the G700 with an estimated 50 being built so far and about 30 of those earmarked for delivery this year.
  3. There is also the possibility of deliveries of the forthcoming G800 towards the end of this year should certification be given early enough. Dassault Falcon in recent years have not had the best performance on deliveries as they should. They delivered 32 executive jets in 2022 and only marginally better in 2023 with 35 units. 2024 is forecast to be 52 units which would be the start of gathering pace for the French airframer.

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Thread Status:
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