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News: FAA Grounds Tamarack Atlas-fitted Citation Jets

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  1. Citation Jets Fitted With Tamarack Atlas Winglets Grounded By FAA
    In April, 2019 JF carried an article that highlighted an AD issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regarding Citation Jets fitted Tamarack Atlas winglets. News from the other side of the Atlantic suggests that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States has now grounded these jets that azre equipped with these winglets from Tamarack Aerospace.
  2. The FAA issued a directive on May 24th saying they wish for the ATLAS system to be disabled. The use of 'speed tape' is not an acceptable solution to hold the Tamarack Active Camber Surfaces (TACS) control unit closed. Tamarack Aerospace does not like the wording of the AD and said this in response. "Use of speed tape was never a Tamarack solution, and in the course of harmonizing to the EASA directive the FAA noted its use wasn’t acceptable," said Paul Hathaway, Tamarack’s Vice-President of Marketing. "However, we have over the past year issued two service bulletins at company expense to address potential TACS asymmetry, and those modifications have been submitted to both aviation authorities as an alternate means of compliance (AMOC) to resolve the directives".

    For more information:

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