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News: First ACJ320neo Rolls Out

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  1. First ACJ32neo Leaves Final Assembly
    The last article we wrote about the Airbus ACJ320neo, the first aircraft entered final assembly. Airbus has announced now that the first unit has been rolled out of final assembly and is being prepared for its first flight. This aircraft is wearing the house colours and livery of Airbus Corporate Jet and once testing is completed it will be sent to the completions center to be fitted out for the first intended customer -Acropolis Aviation-.
  2. The aircraft is wearing German registration -D-AVVL- at the moment until it is about to be delivered. That will change as Acropolis Aviation is in the UK. Delivery to Acropolis is anticipated to be in the last quarter of this year. Then it will be sent to AMAC in Basle, Switzerland where famed superyacht and business aviation design firm Alberto Pinto will have their design concept brought to reality. Like the airliner versions from which it is derived, the ACJ320neo Family features new-generation engines and Sharklets, saving around 15 per cent in fuel and delivering a leap forward in inter-continental range. The resulting ACJ320neo can fly 25 passengers 6,000 nm/11,100 km or 13 hours - enabling routes such as London to Beijing or Cape Town and Moscow to Los Angeles - while the ACJ319neo can fly eight passengers 6,700 nm/12,500 km or 15 hours. This is all made possible by a pair of CFM International LEAP-1A engines.

    For more information:

    Airbus S.A.S.
    Worldwide Headquarters
    1, Rond point Maurice Bellonte
    Blagnac Cedex 31707

Thread Status:
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