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News: First Electric Powered Cessna Grand Caravan C208 Flies

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  1. Electric-Run Grand Caravan Makes First Flight
    The Cessna C208 is a staple in cargo and special missions assignments for many operators around the world. The turboprop aircraft which is built by Cessna/Textron Aviation is normally powered by a single Pratt & Whitney PT6A (867 hp) engine. With the work between Magnix and AeroTec they have been able to swap that factory engine and replace it with a magni500 750 horse power all-electric propulsion system.
  2. The first flight for this eCaravan aircraft lasted for around 30 minutes. Charging the batteries for approximately 30 minutes yielded around the same time of power output for flying. As testing escalates the range hopefully increases. These companies are thinking the 10 to 14 seat aircraft could carry up to 9 passengers for 100 nautical mile trip. "The iconic Caravan has been a workhorse of the industry, moving people and transporting goods on short routes for decades," said Magnix CEO Roei Ganzarksi. "This first flight of the eCaravan is yet another step on the road to operating these middle-mile aircraft at a fraction of the cost [of JetA-powered aircraft], with zero emissions, from and to smaller airports."

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