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News: First PC-12 NGX Now Flying In Japan

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  1. OpenSky Inc Flying Japan's First PC-12 NGX
    OpenSky Inc., the Japanese “Private Jet Membership”, is the launch operator for the PC-12 NGX in Japan. The aircraft was recently delivered from Switzerland after arriving in Osaka, Japan. OpenSky Inc operates a PC-24 as well. With the cutting-edge PC-12 NGX and one PC-24, OpenSky Inc. serves a discerning clientele, offering a unique travel experience which stands out from the competition in terms of both product and service. The Japanese operator additionally took delivery of a PC-24 Super Versatile Jet this year, which it will also use to offer business flights. In addition, the company has placed an order for a second PC-24 which will be delivered in fall 2024.
  2. Talking about the PC-12, OpenSky CEO Shigeto Honda says: "Our PC-12 NGX has gone viral since arriving in Japan. I’ve already flown several legs in the cabin of PC-12 NGX in Japan, and I’m very pleased. Our first customers to fly with the PC-12 told me they prefer it to the twin-engine turboprop which they used before. The propeller low-speed mode delivers a significant reduction in cabin noise for great passenger comfort."
  3. The PC-12 NGX features an all-new interior by BMW Designworks, larger cabin windows inspired by the PC-24 and passenger seats which convert to a flat bed. The new PT6 E-Series engine by Pratt & Whitney Canada is equipped with an electronic propeller and engine control system. New avionics functions by Honeywell such as touchscreen control, tactile feedback and "propeller low speed" mode as well as fully integrated automatic thrust management (autothrottle) are just a few of the features in the new cockpit.

    For more information:

    Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
    Stans, Switzerland

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