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News: First Russian Based PC-24 Nearing Delivery

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  1. First PC-24 To Russia Nearing Delivery
    The first Russian-based Pilatus PC-24 is nearing delivery status. However, the aircraft has to be certificated by Russian authorities which is expected to come before 2019 ends. Nesterov Aviation is the dealer for Pilatus Aircraft and as a result, the first PC-24 in Russia. The first delivery will not be the last for this part of the world as a few more orders from customers in Russia were placed for the super versatile light jet.
  2. Many love the PC-12 turboprop but the sometimes the range is not enough for certain customers. The uptick in range with the PC-24 and naturally faster speeds is more alluring to other buyers too. This is the case for some Russian clients who may want to do Moscow to England non-stop. This is well within the capability of the PC-24 as it can fly just over 2,300 nautical miles. Once Russian authorities okay the PC-24 and grants its approval certificate we will see more PC-24s in this region in the future.

    For more information:

    Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
    Stans, Switzerland

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