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News: Flaris LAR 1 Primed To Fly Q1 2018

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  1. Flaris LAR 1 Expected To Make First Flight In Q1 2018

    Metal Master, the manufacturer of the Flaris LAR 1 personal jet says they expect to have the first sortie happen in the first quarter of 2018. They are not in a rush to bring this aircraft to market as they want to have it done right the first time. You see that attitude with their refusal to open up an orderbook for the aircraft as well. They claim that there is significant interest in the aircraft and will bet on that for when they eventually open for orders.
  2. This aircraft is expected to be priced in at under 2 million dollars and be a high-performing personal jet. "This is an advanced aircraft, so the CAA is involved each step of the way," says Metal Master founder Rafal Ładziński. "S-1 approval should be achieved within 50 flying hours," he adds, "but CS-23 will take another two years and many more hours to secure." It will cruise at around 410-knots carrying four passengers a maximum range of 1,000 nautical miles. Max take off weight is estimated to be 3,300 lbs. A Williams International FJ33-5A is onboard to provide the zippy power. The all-composite jet will have a Garmin G600 flight deck aimed at making it easy to fly. When certification is well underway they will open the orderbook and start heavy marketing of the new personal jet.

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