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News: Greenpoint Technologies Delivers Second V-VIP BBJ 787-8

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  1. Greenpoint Technologies Delivers Second V-VIP BBJ 787-8
    The second V-VIP BBJ 787-8 from Greenpoint Technologies has been delivered to its owner. It is also the world's second V-VIP 787-8 BBJ to be completed as well. The customer remains unknown and confidential at this stage and is to be expected when you see the level of bespoke work that went into this fully-custom interior. Bret Neely who is Greenpoint Technologies Executive VP said, "delivering this second V-VIP 787 is a monumental achievement for Greenpoint. Teamwork and dedication led to the delivery of this beautiful interior, and ultimately mastering the 787-8 completion process and its advanced technology. This expertise is already flowing to our third and fourth 787 completions." Note, no interior photos are available of the second jet. The following are images of the first completions that was delivered to Kestrel Aviation to manage for a private unnamed client.
  2. Design Director, Annika Wicklund, at Greenpoint Technologies said, "Greenpoint’s goal was to provide our client with a modern, inviting interior that showcases best-in-class services on board. The interior offers functionality and adaptability while integrating the latest technology and luxuries experienced at the finest hotel. All of us at Greenpoint are grateful for the opportunity to partner with our client and we are honored to redeliver this beautiful Boeing 787 completion!" While interior photos are hard to come by there is a description of the interior spaces and some of the fine materials that were utilized. Calacatta Borghini Marble has been used along with intricately book-matched American Walnut. Additionally there is boucle hand-tufted carpet, embossed hand-tipped leather seats and a metallic glass-tile wall. Other facilities onboard include a cozy gym, large owner accommodation as well as extensive crew lodging. Work is already underway on the third V-VIP 787-8.

    For more information:

    Greenpoint Technologies
    4600 Carillon Point
    Kirkland, WA 98033
    United States

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