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News: Gulfstream Announce Enhancements For G280

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  1. News Enhancements For Gulfstream G280
    Gulfstream is continuing to invest in its super-midsize Gulfstream G280 with the addition of an even lower cabin altitude and new LED exterior lights. The new enhancements follow a record sales year and exemplify Gulfstream’s ongoing commitment to the G280. The G280 is the airframer's sole in-production super midsize offering and they continue to put alot of money into this aircraft where the competition in the market is relatively strong. The G280 is Gulfstream's follow-on aircraft picking up from where the G200 base model left off.
  2. Ongoing research and development coupled with excellence in interior outfitting has allowed Gulfstream to introduce an even lower cabin altitude for the G280, reducing it from 6,000 feet/1,829 meters to 4,800 ft/1,463 m at a 41,000-ft/12,497-m cruising altitude. The G280’s new exterior LED lights bolster aircraft safety through increased visibility in flight and during ground operations. This upgrade also boasts reduced maintenance requirements and improved reliability. If you are ready for these upgrades to your G280 retrofits are planned for mid-2023. New G280s will come with the upgrades from the factory.

    For more information:

    Gulfstream Aerospace
    500 Gulfstream Road
    Savannah, GA 31407

Thread Status:
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