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News: Gulfstream Ends 2020 Strong But Deliveries Still Down

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  1. Q4 Ends Strong For Gulfstream But Deliveries Still Lapse
    To get an idea as to how the large cabin sector of the executive jet industry is doing just take a look at how one of the big players in that segment performs. For Gulfstream, the last quarter of 2020 ended strong but overall deliveries lapsed for the company. Some nitpick at figures but overall the company did well in the prevailing world circumstances of the Corona Virus Pandemic. For example, in Q4 of 2020 Gulfstream delivered 40 jets which was down by 4 aircraft compared to Q4 2019. The jet deliveries comprised of a hefty share of large cabin jets - 34 large cabin category jets accounted for in the 40 jets delivered. The other 6 were midsize jets -.
  2. To the other half of the headline...deliveries still lapse overall. The airframer managed to ship 127 jets in 2020 which is a decent figure but compared to 2019's performance (147 jets) they are down. 2021 should be a slightly better year overall for Gulfstream as biztravel rebounds further and with the latest Gulfstream offerings (G600 and G500) in service now it is a bigger sales potential for the company. In fact at present, the G500 is the best selling bizjet for Gulfstream followed relatively closely by the flagship G650. Deliveries for 2021 may be down a bit as the void by the production cease of the G550 needs to be filled out. With the G700 on the horizon as the new flagship the future is bright for Gulfstream.

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Thread Status:
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