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News: Gulfstream G500 May Not Enter Service As Early As Hoped

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  1. Component Hick-up Dashes Early EIS For Gulfstream G500
    Gulfstream is known for its quality aircraft and superior product but juggling two brand new certification programs at the same time and getting them to enter the market smoothly is a huge ambition. So far Gulfstream has been meticulous and forward with the development and certification programs for the G500 and G600 new jets. Earlier in the year they even announced an EIS (Entry Into Service) that was earlier than planned but a bit of an issue recently surfaced.
  2. The issue relates to a particular unnamed supplier of a particular unidentified component that is behind of EASA certification. This creates a problem too because the G500 is the first Gulfstream program to have applied for both FAA and EASA certification at the same time. Usually, they would attain FAA certification first and then EASA would follow-on with approval afterwards. Even though the early entry for deliveries to customers may be dashed, Gulfstream says that all contract dates for customers will be met. It just means that deliveries will start in early 2018 rather than towards the end of this year. The delivery schedule is not late it is just Gulfstream revised it to have an early entry based on how well the program was reaching maturity. Now they will revert to the original time-frame for entry into service.

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