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News: Gulfstream G600 Making Steady Progress To Certification

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  1. Gulfstream G600 Making Steady Progress To Certification
    With the first of the two new bizjet programs of Gulfstream reaching FAA certification status (that being the G500), the second model, the G600 is steadily making progress towards that same goal. The General Dynamics company updated the public about the progress of the G600. "We continue to make steady progress toward certifying the all-new G600 later this year and beginning customer deliveries in 2019," said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. "With the exceptional performance we’re seeing from the five flight-test aircraft in this program, I am highly confident our clients will be impressed with the aircraft we deliver. Its high-speed range, superior comfort and unmatched efficiency have already exceeded our expectations. Even at this stage in its development, the G600 is garnering attention, with its award-winning interior and seats, increased range capability and performance at high speed. The recent type certification for the G500 is added motivation and inspiration for us to bring the G600 across the finish line and into the hands of our customers."
  2. The long range Gulfstream G600 has begun U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification field performance testing. With the G500 having been certified on July 20th, the longer-range G600 meanwhile, recently completed FAA certification for ice shapes and stall speeds testing. Since first flight, the five aircraft in the G600 flight-test program have accumulated more than 2,290 flight hours over more than 600 flights. The G600 is expected to fly 6,500 nautical miles at MACH 0.85 and at MACH 0.90 endure 5,100 nautical miles.

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