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News: Gulfstream G600 Timeline Falls Behind With US Govt Shutdown

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  1. G600 Slips On Certification Timeline From US Govt Shutdown
    The United States Government may be back open now after the partial Government shutdown but the prolonged closure of business has had its effects in the aviation industry in the U.S. Myriad of sectors were affected but one of the biggest in the industry, Gulfstream felt the pinch in relation to their G600 certification program. As a result of the 35-day long partial Government shutdown the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) was affected and therefore that has pushed back the final certification and Entry Into Service (EIS) for the G600.
  2. The G600 was originally supposed to enter service in early 2019 but now the new timeline is not as easy to pin-point. With nearly 2,900 hours between the 5 test articles, the G600 program is on the back end of its certification but Gulfstream is hopeful for mid-year. However, there are certain tests that still need to be carried out and ticked-off such as flying into known icing conditions as well as the capping certification testing of function and reliability.

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Thread Status:
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