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News: Gulfstream Issues Checks On G650ER Powerplants

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  1. Gulfstream Calls For Checks On G650ER Engines
    Gulfstream G650ER executive jets -serial numbers 6001 through 6254- need to immediately have their engines checked in order to comply with Rolls-Royce Non-Modification Service Bulletin SB-BR700-72-900178 or Gulfstream’s Customer Bulletin 246. The call comes after a couple of incidents where G650ER engines shut down in flight.
  2. The first incident happened in September 2018 and the second happened in recent months. The cause of the shutdown is related to high-pressure (HP) compressor Variable Stator Vane (VSV) mechanism. Gulfstream says, "when the high-friction condition is present, excessive torque is required to move the VSV system, resulting in an electronic engine control-commanded shutdown". Aircraft with serial numbers aforementioned are permitted one flight cycle so the aircraft can get to an approved MRO station.

    For more information:

    Gulfstream Aerospace
    500 Gulfstream Road
    Savannah, GA 31407

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.