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News: Gulfstream Off To Slow Start With G700 Flagship

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  1. FAA-Mandated Fix Lags G700 Deliveries
    Although Gulfstream has commenced deliveries of their flagship G700, the model has not picked up the pace in deliveries as the airframer would prefer. Model guidance from the airframer suggests that they intend to deliver 50 examples in 2024. After finally receiving Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification back in April and soon after by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in May, the company delivered an initial 2 in April.
  2. By June, Gulfstream had delivered 8 examples. It is now into the second half of 2024 and it is becoming less clear if Gulfstream can ramp-up to ensure they keep their model guidance in relation to the G700 for 2024. There are some last-minute modifications Gulfstream is making to the horizontal stabilizers on the G700 at the request of the FAA.
  3. Gulfstream has be tight-lipped about this modification to the horizontal stabilizer of the G700 and not making any comments. Photos do appear to suggest that quite a few G700s on the tarmac at Savannah with missing horizontal stabilizers. The modification work is likely at the center of the lag in deliveries to customers. Brokerage group Hagerty Jet Group along with analyst Baird all suggest that only 8 aircraft of the type have been delivered up until June. Gulfstream would have needed to deliver 13 aircraft per month to reach 50 deliveries by the end of 2024. At this stage they need to deliver 10 per month.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.