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News: Gulfstream Test Program For G700 Tops 1,100 Test Hours

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  1. 1,100 Test Hour Mark Passed By Gulfstream G700 Program
    It is only a few days past the one-year anniversary of the first test flight of the Gulfstream G700 program and to date that program has topped 1,100 test hours. February 14th 2020 was the date of the first test flight. With the aircraft due to enter service by the end of 2022, the program appears to be on track to meet this target. Pretty much all the flight test articles to date have been rigorously tested throughout different phases. The next set of tests will involve a focus on the interior and cabin environment. In fact, to this end, there are going to be two test aircraft dedicated to this cause.
  2. One of those aircraft is in its final stages of outfitting as the test production interior aircraft. Comfort to noise levels and decibel readings will be part of the testing of the passenger cabin. On a finished G700 a customer will be able to choose from up to five living zones in the cabin allowing for maximum flexibility to the client. If they are coming from a Gulfstream G650/ER the windows will be familiar as they are the same size but there are twenty (20) on the G700. Additionally elements like the ultrahigh-definition circadian lighting system will be tested. The Grand Suite onboard should a customer choose this layout can come with a shower installed.
  3. In the cockpit work is continuing on testing there. The Gulfstream G700’s enhanced Symmetry Flight Deck™ to be specific. The award-winning Gulfstream Predictive Landing Performance System is a good component of this system. The system is a great safety differentiator, giving pilots advanced warning of potential runway excursions to allow them to adjust approaches or go around. The G700 Symmetry Flight Deck also includes Gulfstream’s Enhanced Flight Vision System and Synthetic Vision on dual head-up displays. "Thanks to the outstanding Gulfstream team, the G700 flight-test program is going remarkably well," said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. "The aircraft itself has been performing flawlessly, whether going to extreme speeds and heights or running through its paces in the high-altitude environment at Telluride. We have spent the past year rigorously testing this mature, high-performing aircraft for our customers, and I look forward to continuing to do that and more in the coming months as we steadily move toward certification and customer deliveries."

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Thread Status:
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