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News: Gullfstream Unveils Flagship G800

  1. New Flagship G800 Unveiled By Gulfstream
    The competition at the top of the large-cabin, long-haul segment between Gulfstream, Bombardier and Dassault Falcon has been heating up. Gulfstream is aiming to set itself apart from the competition with the latest announcement made by the General Dynamics company of a new ultra-long-range executive jet called the Gulfstream G800. Yes, their previous flagship, the G700 which is still in certification testing, isn't expected to enter service until 2022 and the company has already poked its nose back in front of the race with the announcement of the all-new G800. In fact, they also announced the G400 but that will be covered in another article.
  2. The G800 will be the purpose-built executive jet with the greatest endurance and speed according to the airframer. As the model name suggest the range is going to be 8,000 nautical miles, eclipsing its nearest competitor, the Global 7500. Knowing Gulfstream though, they tend to give a conservative range figures initially and then bump the range after certification testing is underway. It would not be surprising if the range is a bit further than 8,000nm in the future. The aircraft will be powered by a pair of Rolls Royce Pearl 700 engines.
  3. "We designed the ultralong-range G800 to extend our customers’ reach to more people and places around the world,” said Mark Burns, President of Gulfstream. "The G800 redefines what it means to go farther & faster in a Gulfstream and offers even more time savings with its impressive range at high speed." He continued, "for more than six decades, Gulfstream has led the business aviation industry with our commitment to continuous improvement and by consistently setting new standards for safety, performance, innovation and comfort. Today marks a major milestone and investment in our company’s future with the introduction of the G800, our fastest longest-range aircraft yet." The G800 is designed to seat up to 19 passengers and offers up to four living areas or three living areas with crew compartment. The Gulfstream G800 is expected to enter service in 2023.

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