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News: H2FLY Conducts World's First Piloted Hydrogen-Electric Flight

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  1. World's First Piloted Hydrogen-Electric Flight
    H2FLY has completed the world's first piloted Hydrogen-electric flight. While there are other players in relation to hydrogen-electric development most of these exploits are either ground-related testing or autonomous testing of the vehicle. H2FLY actually had a piloted vehicle with liquid hydrogen fuel in the electric aircraft. A number of flights were done piloting a demonstrator HY4 aircraft that was fitted with hydrogen-electric fuel cell propulsion.
  2. Part of purpose for carrying out the demonstration flights was to ascertain the stability and use of cryogenically-stored liquid hydrogen rather than hydrogen in its gaseous state. The H2FLY HY4 demonstrator aircraft has been said to be able to fly further than using convention fuel means with range increases being quoted from 466 miles to around 932 miles. This is very encouraging as the idea if decarbonizing flight is an increasing tenant to the future of aviation.
  3. H2FLY is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Joby Aviation. Founder and CEO of Joby Aviation, JoeBen Bevirt, said: "H2FLY are pioneers in their field, and we’re proud of them achieving this watershed moment in the use of liquid hydrogen to power aircraft. In the years to come, battery-electric and hydrogen-electric propulsion systems will enable us to build aircraft that are quieter and make mid-to long-range air travel possible with zero emissions. It’s critical we take action now and invest aggressively in these technologies for the health of our planet and future generations to come."

    For more information:

    H2FLY GmbH
    Augsburger Straße 293
    70327 Stuttgart

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.