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News: Hemp Plane Looking To Take You Higher

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  1. Hemp Biofuel To Run Hemp Made Plane
    As many might know already there is an effort being made by 'HempEarth', a Canadian Cannabis company, to make an airplane from Hemp-based materials. In fact the aircraft is pretty much completed and when it is ready will be operated on Hemp biofuel as well. It is almost as close to being sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.
  2. Four passengers and a pilot will be able to ride on the aircraft. It isn't very large carrying a wingspan of under 40-feet. Why Hemp? It is said that Hemp, pound for pound, is stronger than steel. It is also very light and sustainable than other aerospace materials like aluminium and carbon fiber. The plane will run on Hempearth Hemp Jet-A Bio fuel. The aircraft is a first in the aviation world with regards to the materials used in its construction. HempEarth finds it fitting that the first flight will be conducted from Kitty Hawk, North Carolina which is the same area of the birthplace of aviation with the Wright Brothers.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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