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News: Hermeus Hypersonic Project Moves Forward With New Funding

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  1. Hypersonic Hermeus Project Moves Ahead With New Funding
    Ever heard of the Hermeus Project? This is a hypersonic executive aircraft...yes hypersonic, envisioned -at this stage- for U.S presidential travel. The Mach 5 aircraft won a contract from the United States Air Force after its scratch-built engine proved to be more than promising. The scratch-built powerplant was successfully tested in February. Hermeus was formed back in 2018. In the space of supersonic contenders for executive jets there is Aerion and BOOM supersonic but Hermeus stands out as one of the premier contenders in the hypersonic category.
  2. Of note is the successful attainment of 16 million dollars that will go towards 'foundational capabilities' in the development of this Mach 5 aircraft. The Hermeus team is a set of well-oiled individuals with expertise and knowledge in different critical areas of aerospace. You can find members that would have worked with SpaceX, Blue Origin, Honeywell, General Electric, NASA, and Boeing. Below is a look at the prototype engine that was successfully built and tested in around 9 months. Have you comprehended what Mach 5 is like? That's over 3,000 mph translating to a run from New York to London in 90 minutes according to Hermeus.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.